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Contractor License School

Hi ladies and gentlemen my name is Allen
with the contractor license school.
I’m excited for you to be here.
And today’s video is on how to get a c36 plumbing contractor’s license.
And I want to go over these seven easy steps.
Now the first step is experience.
Well, in the construction trades, the state wants you to have four
years of experience within the trade.
Four years of experience at journeyman level.
Meaning, you’ve been working for a company and or you could have been working for
yourself, but you got to be able to show those four years if they ask for that.
We can go over those details when you give us a call.
When you contact us.
Now, the second thing in those seven easy steps is this you want to get connected with
some kind of contractor license school or some kind of program that equips you
to pass the state exam.
That’s what we do.
We have both online, live stream, and brick and mortar schools.
We have three options for you to check out when you go
to our website at
We prepare you to pass the two state exams.
One’s going to be in the law.
That’s three and a half hours you get to take that exam.
And then the other one is going to be in the trade.
And again, you get three and a half hours to pass that exam as well.
So keep in mind, you’re going to be at the state testing facility for about eight
hours, which includes an hour break for lunch.
The third part of the seven easy step is the application.
Now, one of the things that we’ve heard from contractors is that this can be
quite daunting.
I do want you to know we want to make those steps easy for you.
We want you basically to just focus on studying our material and passing the test.
Hey, we’ve been doing this for over a decade.
We know what they’re looking for when it comes to filling out that application.
So we’re going to take care of that part with you.
And we’re going to make sure that that is easy and simple for you.
The fourth part is you have to pass the state exam.
Well, as you know, we offer a pass test guarantee.
That means if you come to our school, you go through our program, you pass our
tests, we’re guaranteeing you’re going to pass the state test the first try
or we pay for that second test at the state level.
Now the next phase, which is number five of these steps,
is you get a surety bond.
Now, you only need to get this after you’ve passed the state exam.
Now, this is about a hundred dollars for the year,
and it protects the client for fifteen thousand dollars.
Again, when you’re ready for that, we’ll walk you through that process.
The sixth step is get a live scan.
So, they’re going to get your fingerprints.
You do that at any ups store or a sheriff’s office and they’ll take care of that.
If you’re near one of our schools, we can connect you with someone there and we’ll
get you through that process.
That’s pretty simple.
And that gets sent off directly to the state by the fingerprint place.
So you don’t have to worry about collecting any data and taking that and mailing it off.
They’ll do that for you.
And finally, the most important thing, is this how many you know that a lot
of people are dreamers?
People say
“well, one day I’m going to invent this thing”
“one day, if I get into some money, I’m going to start this business”
“one day, I would like to start this business and leave this company and do this.”
There are a lot of people that have a lot of dreams and a lot of what-ifs but
really what makes the difference in an entrepreneurial mindset in a person,
who’s going to run a business is this number seven,
and I believe this is the most important value of all these seven steps,
make it happen.
The first step to success is just that ladies and gentlemen it’s
that first step, make it happen.
We’re going to help you with that once you make that first step.
We’re going to walk you through all the process and the steps that you need to do.
We’re going to make it easy.
So hey guys and gals,
don’t forget look down below.
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