C-36 Plumbing License Complete Guide! – The Secrets All Plumbing Contractors Must Know in 2022!

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0:17 What is a Plumbing Contractor?
1:00 Who is required to have a C-36 license in California
1:14 Application processing and time frame
1:47 Basic requirements
2:08 Experience requirements
2:33 Who can sign off on your experience?
2:56 Filling out the C-36 license application
3:52 Criminal record
4:35 Exam
5:44 After you pass
6:18 Application costs, fingerprinting, and contractor bond
6:59 Complete C-36 license course

The C-36 License is for plumbing contractors in California looking to charge over $500 for their services.

The Contractors State License Board is the governing agency for construction contractors in the state of California. There are 73 classifications for licenses offered by the CSLB.

This video will cover how to become a contractor that specializes in commercial and residential plumbing.

To get the C-36 license you have to first meet some basic requirements.

-18 years of age
-Driver’s License or USA ID
-Social Security or ITIN #
-Not Currently on Probation or Parole

In addition to these basic requirements, plumbing contractors also have to have at least 4 years of journeyman level experience.

The CSLB will need someone who can also sign off on that experience. Journeyman level experience is gained working unsupervised performing all of the duties associated with the plumbing trade.

The Contractor license is for tradesmen who have achieved a certain level of mastery, as well as knowledge in residential and commercial plumbing.

The responsibility of the CSLB is to protect the consumer and business public from contractors who may not have the experience or safety knowledge required.

The entire process to get the C-36 plumbing contractor license takes about 90 days.

There are several factors which we talk about in the video that can extend this process beyond 90 days.

The best way to ensure that you get your plumbing license quickly is to have all of your documentation in order before you submit the application.

If you have a criminal record, you will want to make sure that all of your court documents are in order.

If you have worked under the table, try to get any proof of experience that you can.

This can be check stubs, tax returns, receipts, invoices anything that can show you have worked as a plumber for at least 4 years.

To learn about the current costs of a California contractor license check out this video: https://youtu.be/zwZI8osCpKw

You will also need to pass a two-part exam. The Contractor license test is two parts. 115 questions of construction law and 115 questions specific to commercial and residential plumbing.

Refer to the video for more information on exactly what will be on the exam.

Make sure that you prepare by doing plumbing tests online, study guides and even use flash cards that cover contractor license law concepts.

There are several contractor license schools all over the state that offer programs for all 73 license classifications.

If you are looking to one day get the general contractor license, it will be very helpful for you to take a blueprint reading class.

If you find yourself working around houses built pre-1978 you will want to look into getting an EPA lead safety certification.

Getting the C-36 license can be a huge step up for you in your career. With licensing comes responsibility, use this channel as a reference going forward.

If you are interested in beginning your career in the plumbing trade, you may want to look into a plumbing apprenticeship.

We have videos on construction accounting, becoming a building inspector, mold remediation, blueprint reading, setting up a corporation and a variety of different free courses.

Be sure to leave us a comment if there is a video that you want us to make.

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